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Hillsong és Paul Wilbur

Hillsong  - Lord Of All



Hillsong - This Is Our God



Hillsong - For This Cause



Hillsong - God Is In The House 1996



Hillsong Blessed 2002



Lord Of All - Hillsong



Hillsong and Delirious - Unified Praise


Paul Wilbur Shalom Jerusalem "Jerusalem is the first contemporary worship music album originally released in the Israel with worship leader Paul Wilbur by Integrity/Hosanna! Music. The album was recorded live at The International Convention Center in Jerusalem, Israel, and released in 1995. Shalom Jerusalem weaves the purity of worship into the fabric of Messianic praise. Join Paul Wilbur and nearly 3,000 believers from over 14 countries in one of the most significant worship events in recent history. Shalom Jerusalem is magnificent worship that is as rich and deep as the history of Jerusalem"



Paul Wilbur Jerusalem Arise